Payment Processing Solutions for eCommerce Business Owners

January 15, 2019

Payment Processing Solutions for eCommerce Business Owners

Running a business is hard, whether your business’s merchant account gateway is based upon poor financials, a high ratio of chargebacks, or simply not knowing where to get started when looking for credit card processing. Sometimes trying to grow a company and seek out the merchant account gateway can feel very overwhelming.

You may feel like hard cash is your best (or only) option, but you need to understand that you are losing out in a huge way if you cannot offer credit card payment processing and mobile credit card processing for your eCommerce business. Your merchant account gateway and your business as a whole can not afford to overlook such a huge portion of customers and potential sales by not being set up with reliable payment processing.

And it can prove to be complicated to find reputable payment processing solutions that are suitable for your business and a merchant account gateway that has low rates and your best interest in mind.

This is why we’ve put together a credit card processing guide for you. Have a look at our steps to locating an ideal payment processing solution through a merchant account gateway:


Consider what a merchant account gateway offers and your business’s unique needs, such as the capability to process mobile credit card processing or maybe the demand for heavy-duty eCommerce security. Merchant account gateway retailers don’t consider if a payment processing provider can design a set of alternatives that cater to your individual needs. Merchant account gateway services are not one size fits all. If you want to avoid costly (and downright perplexing) monthly statements, then you should have some idea of which payment processing solutions best suit your company.

That being said, credit card processing comes with a price. If your merchant account gateway depends on card-present terminals, for instance, you’ll be dealing with interchange and interchange plus rates per each transaction. Online payment processing solutions or mobile credit card processing (also known as card-not-present) will have you dealing with fixed rates as there’s no card-present transaction involved.

If a merchant account gateway provider doesn’t offer customized solutions for your business and focuses on package deals, be skeptical. You’re looking for payment processing solutions that optimize your customer support, which will inherently drive sales. Simply start a merchant account gateway that certainly includes all the choices that work for you.


Payment processing pricing for a merchant account gateway are where things get messy, but it does not have to be. There are merchant account gateway suppliers who will insist on including all necessary costs to ensure your statements are streamlined. All-inclusive pricing plans to accept credit card payments is ideal for businesses that need a merchant account gateway.


All-inclusive plans also come with an important attribute for every merchant account gateway – safety. Your payment processing provider will ensure that your revenue isn’t influenced whenever there’s a disputed chargeback.

As the owner of a business with a merchant account gateway, you must ensure that you’re not just protected but are also compliant with your credit card processing solutions. In the event that you decide card-present terminals are the way to go, by way of example, be sure that the mobile credit card processing provider you are working with is Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant. If your business is found to be lacking in compliance, it may spell disaster for your company both fiscally and reputation-wise.

You have enough to worry about in regard to growing your company and protecting your reputation. Your payment processing solutions through your merchant account gateway needs to be secure, affordable, and customized.